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Just Because It Is Winter, Doesn't Mean That There Isn't A Ton Of Stuff To Do In Surrey

  • January 17, 2024

Welcome to the Comfort Inn & Suites blog to give their valued customers a few ideas of what is happening in the area.  The Vancouver and Surrey area doesn't get much of the white stuff (snow), generally, it will be mild with some showers/rain....think umbrella, hooded jackets and good rainproof boots and with that, you are good to go to explore some fun activities.


Running from January 13 to Valentine's Day, February 14, is the VANCOUVER HOT CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL!  According to the organizers, the festival is a local excuse for people to treat themselves to mugs of gourmet hot cocoa from some of the city's best cafes. This year marks the 14th anniversary of the event with over 162 flavours from 105 different locations.  It must be noted that generally, there isn't food included with the hot chocolate....just mugs of extra-delicious hot chocolate.  But, NOT ordinary hot chocolate. CADEAUX BAKERY in Gastown offers 4 special drinks.  One is a mix of butternut squash, white chocolate and caramel served with a pumpkin cake (Jan. 13-27).  Also offered during this time frame includes a mulled wine reduction, caramel, marshmallow, and a mini panforte.  This year, there are over 3 dozen cafes, bakeries, and chocolatiers, with even a few gelato and specialty ice cream shops!  Who would have thought....a far cry from ordinary hot chocolate with a few marshmallows floating on top!  For further info, just google the festival and if you go, do enjoy the flavors!


On Sunday, February  11 at 11:am Vancouver's CHINESE NEW YEAR / SPRING FESTIVAL  is happening, starting at the Millenium Gate , 000 Block of West Pender in Vancouver.  You can line-up at Pender, Gore, Keefer or Carroll streets to see the colorful  lion dancing, fire -cracker displays and abundance of the color red which symbolizes the "warding" off of NIAN.  Legend has it that Nian would terrorize people around the time of the Lunar New Year!  In addition to the Spring Festival Parade, the courtyard in front of the Dr. SUN YAT SEN PARK will be open as a Spring Cultural Fair, from 2-4 pm.


If you do go see the colorful parade and would like a bite to eat in the area,  a couple of suggestions are: Phnom Penh Restaurant which makes Cambodian and Vietnamese food, Happy Noodle House on Davie Street and Chinatown BBQ on Pender.


Winters in Surrey and the Lower Mainland are not actually that cold compared to Eastern Canada....mainly, it is overcast with grey skies and some rain.  If you are feeling the need to go outdoors to get some fresh air and exercise, there are several great areas to explore.  Two favorite spots for locals are the MUD BAY flats and CRESCENT BEACH area which are located in South Surrey.  Both areas have ample parking and are in close proximity to Highway 99.  Just ask at the front desk for the easiest way to get to both locations.  Crescent Beach is a small, trendy, established neighborhood, very close to the water with great views and a large shallow beach area...great for kids to make sand homes.  Mud Bay has a long stretch of flat walking and cycling paths that hugs the water and Highway 99 in some areas and goes forever....all the way to almost Tsawwassen!   An incredible area!


Surrey Comfort Inn & Suites, Surrey B. C. is ready to welcome you at their conveniently located hotel with quality services, friendly atmosphere and family-friendly amenities.  Enjoy your time in Surrey.


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